Layla Almadi




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About Layla

Family: My family is my everything! My 9 year old son keeps me up-to-date on technology and new gadgets, while my incredible husband keeps us fed with delicious gourmet meals every night. They push me to be a better person each and every day :) .

What do you like about living in the area? "I live in the Cherryhill/Oxford Park area, and I absolutely love it. There's a lot of diversity in the neighbourhood, and a lot of great people. Good schools, great shops and restaurants nearby, with more being added and built each month! The area is exploding, and I can't wait to see it's growth in the coming years. "

Favourite Restaurants: "Too many! London is known for it's incredible hospitality scene - from funky dives, to upscale dining - there's a lot for everyone! My all time favorite recently closed - Prince Albert's Diner. I can't begin to tell you the memories I have in that place... You'll also often find me eating at Dimi's Greek House on Richmond, Karoon Persian Restaurant on Oxford St. west, Under The Volcano on Wharncliffe, and Fitz Rays on Dundas & Talbot! These are only a few of the places I frequent - I love not making my own food :) "

Hobbies and favourite things to do: "Eating and trying new recipes and restaurants, hiking the many great trails in the city, Disc Golfing & checking out live entertainment in our city! Working at the London Music Hall helps me enjoy many of the wonderful artists that come through town!"

Dream Vacation: "Morocco! My family lives there, and it is unlike any other place in the world. With their liberal and progressive lifestyles - it is a safe and fun place to visit! Plus, the food is incredible!"

Other than a family member, dead or alive, who would you like to have dinner with? If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Lisa Bilyeu. She is a huge inspiration to me, and I feel like we would have life changing conversations. If you don't know who she is - check her out!